Yoga Services


Yoga therapy practices are built upon inquiry and a relationship built over time.  To ensure a greater

rate of success there must be a willingness to practice the sequence we develop with an understanding that it will evolve as we begin to unwind years of acquired habits and patterns, leading to a sense of ease and health.  I highly recommend a minimum of 3 sessions to ensure a higher rate of success.


1st session: 30 minute confidential Zoom consultation to assess your current health status and lifestyle. 

2nd session: Receive a personalized yoga program tailored to meet your needs.  I will guide you through your yoga practice and will provide you with the methods for incorporating the routine into a personal home practice.

3rd session: Follow up practice, receive input and adjust as needed.


Establish self care routines to settle your mind and nourish your body, providing the ability to endure and adapt.  Nourish yourself and return to a state of well-being, free from adrenal fatigue and stagnant, toxic patterns.  Learn how to observe your reactions and break the cycle of falling into fight or flight mode.


The premise of yoga is to relieve suffering.  The ancient yogis have provided us with time tested remedies for alleviating the myriad of reasons contributing to a depressed state of being.  Trust in the practices, by using different therapeutic methods the mind/body/spirit can be altered for finding peace.