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I studied yoga philosophy before learning the postures, or yoga asanas.  In 1999 I took a course in Asian Philosophy where I was introduced to the Bhagavad Gita for the first time.  Looking back, this text established the foundation and planted the seeds for how I approach my life.  In 2003 I took a yoga class at the local college where I discovered the benefits of modern postural yoga.  I was fortunate to learn from a well informed teacher who taught within the anusara lineage.  I developed a home practice based on this small sliver of information, at that time there were no local studios.  After the encouragement of friends and family I decided to attend a teacher training in 2015.  My first two hundred hours of training were under Janet Stone, I refer to my life as "before Janet" and "after Janet."  Through her, I was introduced to Yoga Therapy and my first Yoga Therapeutics instructor, Harvey Deutch.  I completed a 100 hundred hour training with Harvey and then launched into my 800 hour training in 2017 to receive certification as a Yoga Therapist.  My Yoga Therapy training takes place in Marin County through an accredited program with the Stress Management Center, I am due to finish by December 2020.


My teachers and


Yoga Therapists are at the helm of scientific medical research and are in demand by institutions such as hospitals, schools and corporate wellness programs.  It's obvious that people are craving the benefits that yoga offers that the modern healthcare system doesn't quite understand.  By wielding Therapeutic Yoga tools I am able to develop a holistic practice for each individual without aggravating their condition, allowing them to build confidence and increased health.  If you are tired of conventional and pharmaceutical methods for resolving your suffering, you have come to the right place.  


2018 - Present

In October of 2017 I entered an accredited 800 hour training through the Stress Management Center of Marin to become certified as a Therapeutic Yoga teacher, acknowledged by the International Alliance of Yoga Therapists (IAYT.)  I began the second level of this program on March, 8, 2019, and will complete the training in December of 2020.


Baccalaureate degree in Liberal Arts from Sonoma State University.


LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, Green Associate certification


Completed a 100 hour, 10 month, Therapeutic Yoga Training with Harvey Deutch in San Francisco.


Received my initial 200 hour Yoga Teacher certification from Janet Stone.  I attended an immersion with Janet in Southern India, the Motherland.


Began as a student of yoga.  My first teacher was Marcy Nielsen-Berruezo, an instructor at the Napa Valley Junior College, who taught in the anusara approach.

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